Who We Are

The Wheelhouse is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization located in Deer Park, Texas. It is a bare-bones living environment that offers help to men with drug or alcohol addictions. It’s known as the “last house on the block” because it is often a man’s last chance before he becomes homeless or worse.

“I had lost everything—even my will to live. The men at The Wheelhouse taught me how to live alcohol-free and to deal with daily life.” Lanier Y.

The Wheelhouse does not receive any government agency or United Way assistance. The Wheelhouse is solely dependent upon donations from corporations and individuals like you—good people who realize the importance of helping men get sober and independent so they can be an asset to themselves, their families, the community and society.

Board Members

  • Bill Whitworth
  • Whitney Strickland
  • Clay Everitt
  • Jo Elaine Key
  • Randy Saylors
  • Thane Harrison
  • Kaye Horton
  • Tricia Beckman
  • “Iron” Mike Peterson
  • George Anne Bedford
  • Connie Fullerton
  • Georgette Bedford
  • Bobby Grimes
  • Don Bauer
  • Michael Wycough