Success Stories

Our success rate is high

While Randy S. was working on his sobriety at The Wheelhouse, his newborn child died. Randy said, “If it had not been for the help the men at The Wheelhouse gave me, I probably would have drunk myself to death. My whole family has gained from the strength I gained.”

Not every recovery process works for everyone but The Wheelhouse has a relatively low recidivism rate, which means it has an unusually high success rate. Of course, much of this success comes from the men themselves, but it is also thanks to the previous residents who return to help the new men in their journey to recovery. We call this our “wheel” or “circle of success.” This wheel of receiving help and then returning to help others is a proven way of continuously empowering all involved and helping each address life’s problems without returning to substance use and/or abuse. By helping others, all of these men are putting step 12 into practice.

“Even though I’ve been sober for five years, I visit The Wheelhouse every day so that I can help the new men.” Lanier Y.