How We Do It

Circle of Success

First 30 Days

  • Wheelhouse opening becomes available
  • An intense study of 12-step program begins
  • Man agrees to enter and follow house rules
  • Must complete assigned household chores
  • Man selects sponsor and works with that sponsor
  • No TV, Internet or other entertainment is allowed
  • Men hear from others in recovery to learn they are not alone

Next 90 Days

  • Intense study of 12-step program continues
  • Must acquire a basic job outside of the house
  • Must return to The Wheelhouse immediately after work
  • Sponsor and man continue working together
  • Man slowly enters society at the end of the 120 days

Future Plans

  • Help men get their GED
  • Help men learn a trade or get job training
  • Help men get safety training if needed
  • Assign permanent sponsor
  • Help men re-enter society as productive citizens

All Wheelhouse services are free of charge

The Wheelhouse is not a fancy place. It serves men who have no money and no place else to go but the streets, prison or worse. It’s a place where men are taught how to shake the cycle of drug or alcohol abuse. It’s a place where their bodies can begin to heal and their minds become clear again.

The Wheelhouse is totally dependent upon donations

The Wheelhouse solely depends on corporate and private donations from people like you—good people who realize the importance of helping men get sober and independent so they can be an asset to themselves, to their families, to their community and to society.

The Wheelhouse is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Your gift is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.