About Us

The Wheelhouse is located in Deer Park, Texas. It is a bare bones living environment that offers help to drug or alcohol-addicted men. Most of these men have lost their friends, their family, their money and their hope. The Wheelhouse is the “last house on the block” because it is often the man’s last chance before he becomes homeless or worse.

The Wheelhouse is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose purpose is to:

  • provide a place for men to recover from alcoholism
  • help men through the recovery process
  • help those men gradually re-enter society
  • help each man seek outside employment
  • provide the above at no charge to the men or their families

How it started

The Wheelhouse was founded in 1952 by the late Mr. Hub Carroll who himself was a recovering alcoholic. Carroll’s personal homes in Deer Park, Texas were used as a recovery facility until 1991 when a new fourplex apartment was purchased in Deer Park. However, do to a lack of funding, even the fourplex became too small and from ten to twelve men had to be turned away each week! After years of fundraising, The Wheelhouse has finally built a new facility but we have a mortgage and on-going expenses that must be funded.

An exceptionally high success rate

Not every recovery process works for everyone but The Wheelhouse has a relatively low recidivism rate, which means it has an unusually high success rate! A good portion of this success is due to previous residents who return to help the new men in their journey to recovery. We call this our “wheel” or “circle of success.” This wheel of receiving help then returning to help is a proven way to continually empower all involved and to address life’s problems without returning to substance use and/or abuse.