The Wheelhouse Newsletter – Oct. 2017

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The Wheelhouse Monument Run and Conference, a huge success!

The Wheelhouse 10th Anniversary Monument Run and Conference was a phenomenal success. The event brought in an estimated 750 people and over 200 motorcycles. The Wheelhouse raised enough money to pay for 60% of it’s yearly expenses. We appreciate all of the volunteers that made this event happen along with our speakers Clancy I. and Termite Watkins.
To view the video from the event click here.

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November 6th is Donation Night at Texas Roadhouse

The Texas Roadhouse located in Pasadena has graciously nominated The Wheelhouse to receive donations at their location Monday night November 6th. All persons that present the Fundraising Night Ticket download here will have 10% of their total food purchase donated to The Wheelhouse.
The Texas Roadhouse is located at
3033 E. Sam Houston Pkwy Pasadena, TX. To go orders are also included and can be called in at (281) 998-0779.

Birthdays this month!

Here are those that are celebrating one more year of sobriety at The Wheelhouse this month:
Charles R. 20 years
Joe H. 15 years
Don T. 14 years
Eddie R. 12 years
Michael A. 6 years
Darrell S. 3 years
Jacob O. 2 years
Will D. 1 year
Justin P. 1 year
Luke R. 1 year
Thomas S. 1 year
Mike A. 1 year
Will H. 1 year

The Wheelhouse birthday meeting is the last Saturday of the month. The Barbecue starts at 6:30pm and the meeting starts at 8pm. Come join us!

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